Pet Surgery in Edmonton, AB

It is never easy to see your pet undergo an injury or illness. When these injuries or illnesses are severe enough, they may even require pet surgery. Oxford Animal Hospital offers high-quality pet surgery in the Edmonton, AB area and always makes sure to stay current on the latest in veterinary surgery techniques.

Types of Pet Surgery Offered

Our facility offers the following surgical procedures:

  • Routine spay and neuter
  • Dentistry
  • Tumor removal
  • Abdominal and soft tissue procedures
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Laparoscopic surgery

Preparing for Your Pet’s Surgery

Just like with humans, veterinary surgery is a sterile procedure. It is best to make sure that your pet is clean and well groomed prior to surgery day to prevent any delays on the day of surgery.

When pets undergo anesthesia, they must also have an empty stomach. With this in mind, please do not feed your pet on the morning of surgery.

The Day of the Pet Surgery

Prior to performing the surgery, our veterinary team will need to perform pre-surgical blood work to ensure that your pet is healthy enough to undergo the procedure. These work ups also help to identify anything that could cause a complication during surgery, so that our team will be well prepared.

Before administering the anesthesia, our veterinarian may also give your pet pain medication. This will help them to relax before the procedure.

Post-Surgical Care for Your Pet

After your pet wakes up from surgery, we will make sure their vitals are strong and they are in good health to go home. When you come to pick up your pet, our team will walk you through any post-surgical care instructions that may be necessary. It is important to pay careful attention to these instructions to provide your pet with a speedy recovery!

Often, pets do not want to eat the same day of surgery. If this is the case with your pet, do not worry. Simply make sure they get their normal amount of food and water the next morning. If they are still not eating the next day, please contact our team so that we can provide further instruction.

Your pet’s comfort and proper recovery rely on your sticking to the instructions provided by the veterinarian for administering medications and cleaning the surgical site. Never substitute human medications as they can be fatal to pets. If you see any sign of swelling, green or yellow discharge, or the site appears irritated in any way, do not hesitate to call us.

Often, your veterinarian will want to schedule a re-check appointment after surgery to examine the surgical site and make sure it is healing properly.

For more information about pet surgery at Oxford Animal Hosptial, call us today at 780-705-2131 or send us a message online!